Project Gallery

Completed Multi-Tiered Elevation

Utilizing Elevation Changes

Reshaping an ordinary walkout entry and utilizing the elevation changes to create a landscape...

Lakeside Reconstruction & Landscape Additions

Addressing Major Problems in Existing Landscape Landscaping that is failing not only decreases the...
Completed Retaining Wall and Herringbone Paver Walk

Paver Paths and Straight Retaining

A gentle decrease in elevation allowed for a simple design in this walkout area....
Completed Multi-Tiered Curving Retaining Wall

Massive Retaining Structures

In order to properly handle a huge amount of pressure, retaining walls have to...

Herringbone Entry

Herringbone patterned pavers in random colors create the perfect entrance walk for this home.

Low Maintenance Commercial Landscaping

It can be difficult to make an area in which asphalt surrounds a building...