Lakeside Reconstruction & Landscape Additions

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Addressing Major Problems in Existing Landscape

Landscaping that is failing not only decreases the aesthetic value of your property, but it can also create serious erosion and drainage problems along with hazards to those who have to live with it. In this case, the old landscaping also contained an old-fashioned treated timber retaining wall, which was contaminated the very lake the homeowners treasure most.

Removal of Contaminated Timbers

With AMCO’s mini-excavator, we were able to safely get into this small space to remove the timber without causing further damage to the earth around the old retaining wall. Having the right equipment for the job along with timely in and out, minimized the erosion and run-off caused by this update. We utilized block retainers, variable sized washed rock and concrete stairs to complete this beautiful new entrance to the water.

Seating Area and Fire Surround

This homeowner was utilizing a temporary firepit in the center of his backyard. It was serving it’s purpose, but the slope in this area presented drainage problems that made this area unnecessarily soggy. We added some short, layered retaining walls to adequately and beautiful manage the slope along with a drain point in the center to easily eliminate the soggy problem. The seating area was raised to create a superior view over the lake with a few concrete steps to coordinate with the lakeside stairwell.

Adjacent to the Dwelling

The entire backyard was brought together with perfectly coordinated natural tones and beautiful paver walkways with several round paver patios. Washed rock was used over landscape weed barrier on the outlying areas and adjacent to the home. An area at the entrance to the property between the drives was also landscaped to coordinate the entire property, from the street to the lake.

Project Photo Gallery

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